The table on this pages shows data that is published following our R data package workflow. Each data set comes with its own website and rich documentation to increase reusability.

id name location status description published website
1 wasteskipsblantyre Malawi published Data on locations of the publicly accessible waste skips in Blantyre, Malawi collected in 2021. 02. August 2023
2 fsmglobal Global published Populations of 175 countries requiring different faecal sludge emptying services. 02. August 2023
3 biogasoutcomesmalawi Malawi published Data for 61 semi-structured interviews with biogas owners in Malawi. 28. August 2023
4 cbssuitabilityhaiti Haiti published Spatial data to support an analysis of suitability of container-based sanitation in flood prone areas of Haiti. 19. September 2023
5 waterpumpkwale Kenya published Weekly volume of water pumped for handpumps monitored with Smart Handpump technology, Kwale County, Kenya 20. September 2023
6 grdwtrsmpkwale Kenya published Groundwater analysis from 2016 in Kwale, Kenya 20. September 2023
7 universityrankingafrica Global published Data from institutional and national levels was combined into a dataset to provide a comprehensive characterization of the top ranked Universities of every African country. 05. December 2023
8 basisghana Ghana published Open defecation free (ODF) communities in Ghana in 2017. 14. December 2023
9 cleanteamghana Ghana published User experience of the Clean Team Ghana’s container-based sanitation service in Kumasi, Ghana. 28. December 2023
10 chckapmalawi Malawi published Community Health Club Knowledge Attitude Practice Survey Malawi 04. January 2024
11 gdho Global published A dataset of global humanitarian organizations collected by Humanitarian Outcomes. 29. February 2024
12 rwpfunctionality Global published Water point monitoring data associated with the paper “Rural water point functionality estimates and associations: evidence from nine countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia”. 26. March 2024
13 washopenresearch Global published Dataset about open research data availability in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). 13. May 2024
14 washinvestments Global published Dataset on multilateral development bank (MDB) investment in water supply and sanitation associated with the paper “Multilateral development banks investment behaviour in water and sanitation: Findings and lessons from 60 years of investment projects in Africa and Asia” (Heidler et al. 2023). 16. May 2024
15 ugabore published Borehole repair data from central Uganda associated with a project report completed by Joseph Lwere for the “data science for openwashdata” course 24. June 2024
dryingfaecal Global in-progress Engineering experiments related to drying of faecal sludge from on-site sanitation facilities and fresh faeces.
climatevulnerabilitykhm Cambodia in-progress Data on Effects of Climate Vulnerability on Sanitation Access, Sanitation Infrastructure Functionality and Households’ Fecal Sludge Management Practices in Rural Cambodia.
wasteburningblantyre Malawi in-progress
whatawaste Global in-progress Data about a global project What a Waste that aggregated data on solid waste management from around the world
wsabrazil in-progress Dataset about wastewater management and household infrastructure from various Brazilian regions.
boreholefuncmwi Malawi in-progress Data about the survey on borehole functionality in Karonga district, Malawi.
portawaterperu Peru in-progress Data about a preliminary review of the portable water system in Peru.
waschoolpiracema Brazil in-progress Data about the water supply, the sewage disposal, the waste collection and the sanitary equipment of the schools in Piracema, Brazil.
watercostaccra Ghana in-progress Data about the surveys on household water costs, coping mechanisms, and water point estimates in Accra, Ghana.