a community effort to bring open data practices to the WASH sector

Lars Schöbitz

Colorado WASH Symposium 2023

March 9, 2023



  • Receive credit for work that is not a scientific paper
  • Give recognition to those that support your work
  • Tell stories with data that haven’t yet been told
  • Meet people that care about data and code being open and reusable

The Opportunity

Journal Articles

Journal Articles

PDF reports

PDF reports

PDF reports + Dropbox

PDF reports + Dropbox

The Journey

The Product

What does final look like?

Screenshot of the durbanplasticwaste R package documentation homepage at


Our channels

One-way communication

Two-way engagement


  • Live coding stream: Twitch (regular)
  • Hackathon: Online platform (one or two)
  • Workshop: (Online) conferences (one or two)
  • Online course: 10-weeks (one or two)

For whom?

Learner personas

persona in brief domain knowledge programming knowledge contribution motivation
Palesa Pit emptying business owner that is tired of others asking her for her business data. competent novice low
Yua PhD student that wants to use her programming expertise to support the community. novice expert high
Mandla Master's student who wants to learn how to use R for data analysis and git version control. competent competent high
Asim Senior Researcher with a few years left to retirement who wants to share his career's worth of data with as little effort as possible. expert novice low


Goals (by August 2024)

  • Newsletter: 500 subscribers
  • Website: 30 daily visits
  • Data: 50 R data packages
  • to be defined


openjmp - the data and code the behind the JMP WASH estimates

Group Presentation 7 - Friday, 10th March 01:20 to 02:20 MST

Slides on

Screenshot of the openwashdata website gallery at

Thanks! 🌻

Thanks 🌻

This project was supported by the Open Research Data Program of the ETH Board.

The slides were created via revealjs and Quarto:

You can view source code of slides on GitHub

Or you can download slides in PDF format

This material is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International.


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